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Celebration time!

Wow, I don't post to my journal often apparently. I normally post things to communities. Anyway, I'm celebrating Dair becoming a real couple! It's about time and no Chuck/Blair fans are going to bring me down! So Woohoo! *toasts to many years of sexual tension coming to conclusion*

My Musings 2

If I ever transfer colleges there is one thing I will miss. The on-campus Starbucks. I've been experimenting with different coffees the last couple weeks. Today it was the Cinnamon Dolce Latte. It was tasty. I had a flashback this morning to the first musical I ever saw, Oklahoma! I dont really remember much about it. It was in my fifth grade music class. Everyone in my class thought it was dumb but I loved it. I should rewatch that sometime. I remember almost nothing from it. Plus, we didn't get to finish it. Thats one thing I hated in school. Whenever you watch movies in class you never finish them. Why! It's so annoying to get three quarters a way through the movie, and then have to never know how it ends. It is practically torture. On the drive home this afternoon I'm going to listen to the Wicked and Grease soundtracks, maybe some RENT too. I'm looking forward to jamming out! I hate it when you're singing in the car at a red light, and the people around you look at you like you're crazy. Have they never sung in the car before? What's wrong with people? Singing in the car is the best, even if its a bit distracting.

My Musings

I really doubt anyone is going to read this but it's more for my own benefit anyway. I'm going to type my recent musings and.......just things I feel like getting off my chest. And if someone wants to read them then that's dandy.

Do you know whats great? Zots are. What are zots you ask? A type of candy that no one seems to know about. They're great!!! They're a hard candy with that have sour liquid in the center. They come in all kinds of flavors like Orange, Watermelon, etc. The only place that I know sells them is the Mass General Store in my town. I go there just to buy them. Also, its very boring to write a paper that combines the subjects of Chemistry and Ethics. And its due tomorrow. Procrastination ftw! I really want to change my major but I have no idea what I would change it too.

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